The Enlisted

a Full Spectrum Dominance faction

This page covers a faction of Full Spectrum Dominance, a game that is in development by yours truly. Go check out the dedicated page!


Representing all the “vanilla” human factions in sci-fi settings, the Enlisted faction has a lot of ground to cover.
As it is custom in most of the Armies, the En- listed focus mainly on hierarchy and command to move their infantry and their numerous but fairly light vehicles to the objectives.


Infantrymen are the backbone of the army.
Fighting alongside scouts and heavier power armors, they all rely on the command of their NCOs and heroes to activate in groups to reach their objectives. Infantry transports and support vehicles are just as important, compensating for the slow move- ment speed of infantry.
Continuing with the vehicles, the Enlisted has several options between Battle Tanks and other artillery pieces, providing both firepower against enemy armour and suppression fire against artillery.
Groups of tanks can be guided by the expert commanders across the table, but alone are not very effective to control objectives.
The larger bipedal rigs carrying heavy weapon- ry are less sophisticated than the Tech ones but are harder to kill and provide solid support to infantry when crossing rough terrain.

Special Rule: Chain of Command

When a Unit of the Enlisted activates and com- mands other Units to activate, the latter can choose to use their own command to activate other Units if it is lower than the first Unit.
Example: a Unit with an Infantry hero activates and decides to activate a nearby Unit with an Infantry NCO. Since the NCO has Cmd 2 (while the hero has 3), it can then target another 2 Units to activate. This effect is applied only once per activation, and therefore cannot form an endless chain of Units activating in series.


Here’s a showcase of different miniatures I’m using for the Enlisted faction. Some are to be available in our MMF store (, others are from the Ground Zero Miniatures range.