The Tech

a Full Spectrum Dominance faction

This page covers a faction of Full Spectrum Dominance, a game that is in development by yours truly. Go check out the dedicated page!


Synthetic species, human worshipping machines, emancipated service robots or simply artifacts of war – the Tech represents the highly technological factions across all settings.
They are not fast, but can deploy numerous infantry Units and are equipped with high grade weapons, as well as various mechs.
In terms of support cards, the Tech warbands certainly have several high-tech tricks up their mechanical sleeves!


The various Battle Rigs are definitely the most characteristic types of Units of the Tech.
Zeno and Socrates rigs cover the role that most fac- tions would leave to tanks. Larger, slower machines are available too: equipped with heavy armor the Plato can crawl in the battlefield receiving hits like any other vehicle.
On the lighter side, there are options for hu- man-like droids and four-legged and less au- tonomous spider droids: the former will always be necessary to reach the objectives on the battlefield, while the latter can provide heavy firepower while exploiting the terrain for cover.
Flying above the battlefield, the Thales Fighters are equipped with levitation technology that allows them to stand still in the air and pick the opponent tanks one by one.

Special Rule: Synthetic Pilots

Units of the Tech can only have up to one char- acter assigned at any time. On the other hand, at the beginning of each Round the Characters can be moved to any deployed Unit. If a Unit with a Character is destroyed both cards are removed from the game.


Here’s a showcase of different miniatures I’m using for the Tech faction. The whole range is available in our MMF store (